What's New
  • Git interface
  • Version 0.6 adds support for TB 1.5
  • Version 0.5 adds a toolbar icon
  • Version 0.4 fixes issues with installer builds
Other Stuff

The AboutConfig extension implements for Mozilla Thunderbird what "about:config" is for Mozilla Firefox and Suite. You can use it to change all preferences. Make sure you know what you are doing! If you don't know "about:config" you probably don't want to use AboutConfig.


AboutConfig can be activated from the "Tools" menu. Starting from version 0.5 you can also use a toolbar icon (use "Customize" from the toolbar context menu to add the icon to a toolbar).


AboutConfig uses files from the Firefox 1.0 distribution which do most of the work for us. The intended side effect is that the GUI is exactly the same as for Firefox. In Thunderbird 1.5, those files are shipped with the distribution, and AboutConfig merely uses these files.


You may also want to check out although it doesn't seem to be maintained any more.

To do

Feel free to tell me your suggestions through the mailing list. My current plans are:

The aboutconfig project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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